Hi! My name is Carlos, digital illustrator. Wecolme!
Here you can find my commissions info.


Full rendered pinup

Knee up character + Background portrait format: $200 USD

Full rendered full body

Full body: $250 USD

Splash Art

Horizontal format Splah art: $300 USD

Simple color full body

Portrait format character art with simple colors: $100 USD

Complicated Designs.
Alt Ver: Bikini, Lingerie, nude version, etc.
Extra Character: 80% of the commission.

Do and Don't

I do:
- Original characters
- Videogame characters
- Lingerie
- Abs / Fitgirl
- NSFW Pin-Up
- Manga, Anime, Movie character
- Cosplayer, Celebrity fanart
- Soft NSFW contents (Nude, cum)
- Furry/Anthro
I don't do:
- Explicit NSFW contents
- Mecha
- Gore
- Yaoi
- Rape
- Fetish

General Terms & Conditions

- Prices are in USD. I accept Paypal for payment.- WARNING! don't mention NSFW or R18 or anything like that in payment note on PAYPAL.- Paymen must be upfront, if it's a large proyect it can be 50/50.- Credits for the artist must be visible (example: @carlosvasseur for twitter, instagram).- Do not claim as your own (don't claim you made it).- NO REFUNDS once I start working on the proyect there's no refunds.- Prices might increas depending on the complexity of the commission.- All the artwork is for personal use only and not for profit, you can use it wherever you want as long as you give credits and don't profit from it. (Examples of profit: merchandise. You can use it for advertisment and as stream assets.- Comercial use can be purchased for an extra cost.- Time to complete the work will depend on the complexity, I'll give you an estimate after you get in touch with me.
I do all commission in random order , so please be patience.
- Each work include 3 corrections per step (example, 3 corrections at sketch, 3 at color). any extra change has an extra cost.


You can contact me on my social media or email.